How are you and your clients performing?

Our digital platform helps you to create performance measurement solutions for use by you and your clients.  Join our community to learn about leading measurement practices, data analytics, benchmarks and systems.


About Us

BetterTrack is a start-up based at the Surrey Research Park SETsquared incubator in Guildford.  Following the successful delivery of a Covid-19 rapid response grant we are proudly supporting the Care Quality Network to develop and deploy an affordable application for use by care home managers and staff.   The Quality in Care (Quic) application has a profound impact for care staff, service users and the wider care system.

We have ambitious plans for growth which we are exploring with potential recruits, investors, partners and end users. A funding round is planned from December 2021 supported by the SETsquared scale-up programme and InnovateUK EDGE.

Digital Platform Features

Do we need it?

Do your clients use meaningful indicators to measure performance and are they effective at producing and using them? Take our 2 min survey to find out.

Will it work?

The digital platform is designed for end-to-end use by analysts, consultants and their clients. Rapidly help your clients create and generate performance indicators to see how easy it is to setup and deploy internally or by external clients.

Is it value for money?

It's an affordable solution with free trials and subscriptions from £10 per user per month. Comparable vendor pricing is £50 per user per month. You can develop & deploy your own solution.


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