• About us


      • We started in April 2019 focusing on the social care sector which is highly complex and in urgent need of reform.
      • In April 2020 we joined SETsquared - the world's #1 University incubator at their Surrey University site in Guildford.
      • In July 2020 we won and started an InnovateUK Covid-19 rapid response grant with the aim of tackling the problem of measurement in the social care sector.
      • In 2021, we start working with SMEs, advisors and hubs to provide a measurement platform that helps businesses to build back better from the pandemic with a sustainability led recovery.

      How we work

      • Being productive enables us to pay higher salaries, increase tax contributions and retain a fair share of profit to sustain and grow the business.
      • We each spend a day a quarter helping the local community on a social or environmental project of our choice.
      • If you would like to join us or to get involved, please contact us at info@bettertrack.org

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