• What We Do

    We help organisations to adopt more relevant and meaningful performance indicators so that teams and individuals can be recognised for their achievements, or given the support needed to perform better.

    The problem

    Are you finding measurement difficult and would like to do it better?

    • Are you measuring the right things so that you can see how you’re performing and take action on the things you need to improve?
    • Do your dashboards look great but are tricky to find what you need to know and end up producing reports offline in Excel?
    • Can you see how you are performing relative to others in your organisation or outside?
    • Are you keeping the measures and performance indicators you use up to date?
    • Are you able to share performance data outside the organisation accurately and safely?
    • Are you getting performance updates regularly enough with snapshots to spot the trends?
    • Is it taking too long to pull the data together for reporting?
    • Are you overloaded with spreadsheets and need a better way to manage the data and reporting?

    Our solution

    BetterTrack is a modern digital platform redefining the way organisational performance is measured

    • It takes a lean approach to measurement.  You start with what you need to measure not the data you have available
    • It supports contextual navigation so you don't have to dice and slice to find the data that is relevant to you
    • It supports the whole process from setting up data feeds to indicator generation.  Analysts spend more time setting up useful measurements rather than dealing with data and report production.
    • It supports a marketplace of performance indicators that can be used by academics and institutions to improve measurement practices and benchmarks
    • It enables data to be fed from third party systems or entered using forms rather than setting up another spreadsheet. 
    • It supports a distribution approach so that you can share sensitive data securely and reliably to third parties or respond to data requests (e.g. social care provider reporting to commissioners)
    • It is highly secure and scalable leveraging the latest digital technologies and platforms
    • Overall it is a cost effective solution that can be sourced directly from us or the UK Government G-Cloud12 digital marketplace 
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